The ‘Cities of Opportunities’ Asia Book Launch was a physical event held on Tuesday the 26th January at 5.30pm at the National Design Centre in Singapore as well as a live feed (virtual) event. Attendees got the opportunity to hear from some of the contributing authors of the book, with lectures and fireside chats moderated by Prof. Jason Pomeroy. Panellists included award-winning architect and founder of Spark Architects, Stephen Pimbley; Cambridge University academic and course director of the IDBE programme, Dr. Kayla Friedman; former National athlete and Sport Singapore CEO, Lim Teck Yin, and British High Commissioner to Singapore, H.E. Kara Owen.

'Cities of Opportunities' book launch | 'Voices of the Future' voxpops

“Voices of the future”: Candid opinions from policymakers, professionals, academics and civil society as to what culture and innovation mean to them in the context of cities.

Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation

Culture and Innovation in cities can take on different complexions if viewed through the lens of academics and practitioners drawn from different geographies, disciplines, or fields of expertise when addressing particular urban challenges. It is through this complexity of views that this event seeks to provide a broad perspective on how culture and innovation contributes to the sustainability agenda in the context of global cities today; and a rich cornucopia of insights from thought leaders within their respective fields to shape the cities of tomorrow.