POG | Pod Off-Grid

Pod Off Grid: Explorations Into Low Energy Waterborne Communities (ORO Editions, 2016)

Despite the continued risk of widespread flooding through Climate Change, living, working and playing on water continues to be a necessity and a way of life for many. In the context of population increase, rapid urbanisation and technological advancement, can water provide a viable alternative to land urbanisation? Architects and urban planners have an opportunity to rethink the city of tomorrow and embrace an element that accounts for two-thirds of the Earth’s surface area.

Prof. Jason Pomeroy has pushed the boundaries of sustainable design on land through his research into zero-carbon developments and the role of urban greenery in the sky through his pioneering studies into skycourts and skygardens. In this book he explores ideas behind self-sustaining communities on water that push towards zero-energy. Built case studies from around the World, works on the drawing board and a future vision explore how to address the sustainability challenges of tomorrow.

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