2017 | Daikin Architecture Sharing Session & Tour
Architecture as Brand: Architecture as a Branded Commodity

2014 | Smart Urban Regional Megatrend Regional Summit
The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat

2013 | Dualisma: In Homage to Descartes
E-BISD - A process that embraces duality

2013 | Office Buildings Conference
Re-Defining the Culture of the New Workplace

2013 | The University of Malaysia Sabah Lecture Series
The New Hybrid: Re-Defining the Sustainable Tall Building

2012 | Green Building solutions conference, Kuala Lumpur
Demystifying carbon: the Idea House and other sustainable projects

2009 | 4th Annual World Renewable Energy Summit. Kuala Lumpur
The Idea House: the first carbon neutral for SE Asia